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Nationalism / Stereotypes

Stereotypes in a historical context

In September 2013 young Europeans from 15 different countries met at the EUSTORY-Academy in Ronda, Spain, reflecting the construction and deconstruction of stereotypes. 
During the First World War the battlefields were not the only place where the battles took place.
The appearance of mass media allowed for states and societies to form pre-conceived images and ideas about other societies and states. This was essential, not only to the construction of the nation – which could now define itself in opposition to another – but to its defense as it pushed social cohesion, a sense of superiority or mission to bellicose behavior. Art, caricatures and cartoons were widely used before, during and after the Great War, and in all European countries, to picture a tyrannical or barbaric other. The use of stereotypes as a way of classification and simplification didn't end with the peace and is still in vivid use in Europe: towards our neighbors or minorities in our countries.
During their workshop; young adults developed an animation – in the style of the RSA animates – in order to put the use of stereotypes into a historical and psychological context.



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Here you can find reports from EUSTORY History Camps and other activities by young Europeans.

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