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@work / Visegrad

@work in Budapest Day 1 part 2: Video-journalists-to-be on tour

@work in Budapest Day 1 part 2: Video-journalists-to-be on tour

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 13.45.17Wondering about and wishing to see what our group of young history enthusiasts and researchers produced after spending the first part of the Visegrád backpacking tour in Budapest? We thought you might! Scroll on, see and enjoy the first two videos produced in the Hungarian capital.


The task wasn’t easy:
  1. Going in groups of three to either the Kossuth Lajos square where the parliament is situated and a central location around the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 or the Memorial for the Hungarian Revolution 1956 in the City Park.
  2. Interviewing people there asking what they know about the Hungarian Revolution or how they perceive the memorial.
  3. Videotaping the interview.
  4. Find your way back to the Centre.
  5. Cutting and editing a short video.

Challenges were plenty, from music that was played at a festival at the square and made the audio file a challenge, to cameras that had their own ideas about what to put into focus; followed from not working file transfers and the realisation that smart phones might be smart, but not convenient for editing.

After a viewing and feedback round from the group and Mari Bodnar, a Hungarian video journalist, the groups went into re-editing and the results are now slowly coming in, so enjoy the first two!

Video by Isabel, Linn, Karl.

Video by Elena, Vida, Yavor.

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