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EUSTORY Summit 2017 Workshop Results

Fake or Real? The Media in the Era of ›Post Truth‹

Truthfully: How often does one check the sources of a news item or questions the motives of the author before sharing it? Can we actually differentiate between ›fake news‹ and ›facts‹? And what does this blurring of reality mean for the ways we use the media in our everyday life? Throughout the workshop participants learned how to navigate through the news in the era of ›post truth‹ and trained to critically approach past and present ›fake news‹.


During the Summit, the workshop participants worked on strategies to detect and counter ›fake news‹ in the media. As one result, they programmed a plug-in for Google Chrome to report ›fake news‹ on the web. During the closing event, they showed two videos on their work and introduced an instagram account they created to inform other students about the topic and their strategies to deal with the phenomenon. See both videos and abstracts from the instagram account below!

Workshop Partner

Tina Gotthardt is a historian and experienced youth educator from Germany. She supervises the Editors’ Program of the History Campus platform, a sharepoint of young debate on history and identity run by the Körber Foundation.
Further Information:
Workshop leader: Tina Gotthardt, historian

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