The sharepoint for young debates on history and identity

About History Campus

The History Campus is a platform for young Europeans run by the Körber Foundation. It offers a space for their perspectives on current events, about identity, history and its relevance for the present.

The History Campus gives voice to personal stories and perspectives on history and identity of young Europeans. It was initiated by the Körber Foundation and the EUSTORY network to raise awareness and sensibility towards the interplay of history, society and current politics in order to achieve a sense of responsibility for a common Europe.

Critical thinking, creative approaches and the curiosity to develop new attitudes towards historical and social topics unite young people from more than 30 countries on three levels:

First the public blog where articles, opinion pieces and personal stories about topics related to history, society and identity are published.

Second the History Camps and online projects, which are pedagogical programmess organised by the Körber Foundation and EUSTORY for history competition awardees from the EUSTORY Network and partner organisations.

Third an internal forum for the Alumni community to stay in touch with friends from History Camps and connect with other interested young Europeans.