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EUSTORY is an informal, international network of non-governmental organisations carrying out historical research competitions for youth in 25 European countries. It creates space for encounters and facilitates dialogue on shared European history and future in regular international youth seminars. Eventually it promotes the significance of history for a common European future through international conferences and workshops. EUSTORY was established in 2001 and since then some 190,000 youth have taken part in national EUSTORY history competitions. The EUSTORY youth academies for awardees and EUSTORY Alumni projects until 2013 have set the fundament for the History Campus. For more information see

Colloquial expression for the programme participants of the EUSTORY network.

Click on <a href=”/register”>Register</a> and create your account by choosing a username and a password. Please, fill in the form as well. Only your name, place of residence, languages spoken and current occupation can be seen by other members of the platform. They are invisible to visitors of the website who are not registered for the internal part of the platform. Other personal details can only seen by administrators of the platform. At the end of the registration process you have to solve the small arithmetic to get the anti-spam code. After you received a confirmation via email, you can login.

All former participants of EUSTORY or Koerber Foundation activities. Participants from partner organisations who take part in cooperative events can also become a part of our alumni network.

The HC is a platform for Young Europeans who are interested in history and want to enter into a dialogue about history with their peers. In the public section of the platform we will post articles about selected topics related to European history. In 2014, many activities were linked to the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, reflecting its aftermaths and forms of commemoration in different countries through the eyes of young Europeans. On this platform we will offer seminars and workshops for young Europeans from our networks and provide a space for exchange and discussions.


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