Author: anete-jekabsone

Facing the weird teenage angst… again!

Remember your adolescence, the reevaluation of society, friends and yourself? Anete argues that living as a European in a developing country, brings you back to a similar state of mind. Apparently also to similarly strong emotions, at least when hearing tourist say: People of India are poor, but they are happy, because they are spiritual. Find out why!  

European outside Europe. Part II

 European bureaucracy is great and always getting ‘yes’ for an answer is not a dream come true?! One year and a half into her stay in India Anete reconsiders her aloofness to European regulations but also finds inspiration in India’s attitude towards love and family.

Out of Europe

 Do we need to get out of our house to see how it really looks like? How does being away effect our image of ourselves, and our identity? “Travel far enough, you meet yourself”, David Mitchell said. We asked young Europeans who live far and away to share their experiences with us. Anete will introduce you to her journey. She wanted to discover India. But, just as Columbus, she found another ...