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Welcome to Switzerland

After an exhausting trip- except for Germán from Spain, who could travel business class due to overbooking-  all participants have arrived in Zurich, together with all their luggage! Tomorrow we will all leave Zurich and go on a three-hour train trip to Scuol in the Lower Engandine. There we can start with the “field work”. Tomorrow we ...[Read More]

Here we go again! Announcing our Youth Academy in Scuol, Switzerland

It has been some time since our academy in Berlin, at the wanseeForum, where we discussed about repression and its mechanisms in totalitarian systems. Our blog won’t stop with that academy, but go on and cover our next meetings in Switzerland and Bulgaria. Be sure to be kept updated about what happens next. Starting with Monday, 18 young peop...[Read More]

Our movies are online!

So here we go again: Our four movie productions from the Eustory Berlin Summer Academy- “Repression Has Many Faces”, “Falling Shadows”, “Two Sides Of One Story” and “Damaged Rolls” are now online and can be watched and downloaded from vimeo. com. These short movies have been produced during the academ...[Read More]

Our meeting with Róża Thun

Thursday was both a busy and exciting day for us, participants at the Eustory Berlin Summer Academy. After two days of filming around the clock, cutting, editing and adding special effects, we could proudly present the final version of our short films to each other. The result was, without modesty, amazing and you will also be able to check out her...[Read More]


It is quiet and empty  here at the wannseeFORUM. The Summer Academy has come to an end and everybody has left for his/her home country. Yesterday was such a great day for us! Not only the sun was shining, but we also had the final presentations, went to have dinner at a fancy restaurant and stayed awake through the night just to say goodbye to all ...[Read More]

Working with media

Today we realized that it is already Wednesday, which means we only have two days of the Summer Academy left.”Unbelievable!” Especially, when considering that in some of our home countries school has started again today. But these are probably going to be the best days, since we get the chance to star in a movie 🙂 We started the day wit...[Read More]

Our Work

So many creative posters have been assembled, that they really should be shown  here as well. In the collage below you can see both presentations of the participants’ competition entries as well as posters which were designed for yesterday’s presentation.

Working at wannseeFORUM

After two days of field work in Berlin we needed one day to share our results with the other groups. Since we had worked hard on our posters the night before, we used the time in the morning for making the last preparations. During a two hour meeting all of us had the opportunity to capture the attention of the others by presenting the stories of t...[Read More]

Interviews and Sight-Seeing

If yesterday was tiresome, today it was going to be even more: We set off to Berlin around 8 a.m., with a another round of interviews and a city-tour on our agenda. After having a first go at bringing the past back with the help of questions, we felt more confident for our next session of interviews. Our partners for today’s conversations aga...[Read More]

First interviews in Berlin

Looking out of the window this morning didn’t make us happy: it was raining cats and dogs, exactly on the day we were planning to make our first interviews in Berlin. Despite that we finished our questionnaires and were ready to go right after lunch. The interviews took place in different parts of the city, so that each group traveled on its ...[Read More]

Travelling into the past

Saturday was reserved for introducing the participants to the topic of the academy. With the help of a “time machine” the students travelled to the Soviet Union, 1970s Poland, Nazi Germany and communist Romania. Each of the four groups shared their experience by performing a sketch about their destinations in the past. In the next two days they wil...[Read More]