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“The relations between ordinary people matter more than political decisions.” Anna from Russia about what makes her feel European

Name: Anna Ryzhkova Age: 17 Hometown: Novocherkassk, Rostov Region Country: Russia EUSTORY experiences: Youth Academy – Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2013, “The End of Empires: New Borders, New States, New Loyalties?” Actual occupation/studies: Last-year student of secondary school Eustory is not the ordinary type of project. What distinguishes its Academies from other seminars and history forums is the strong bond they create among participants from all ages and origins. Eustory is not only a place to learn history facts, but it also gives the opportunity to establish long-standing friendly relationships. This might seems to sound a little naive or idealistic, but… In 21st century still exist those types of people we call idealists: Meet Anna Ryzhkova from Russia! She is a hopeless dr...[Read More]

“Just live!” – Aurélien from France about life, art, music and being French

Name: Aurélien Age: 18 Hometown: Le Lardin Saint Lazare (South West – Dordogne) Country: France EUSTORY experiences: Slovenia 2013 “The End of Empires: New Borders, New States, New Loyalties?” Actual occupation/studies: Student, in graphics, internet, communication and audiovisual. Impressionism made him love art and his aspiration to become a journalist drove him towards the studies of communication. As a musician, Aurélien is interested in audiovisual and as an art lover he discovered graphics. He chose communication, because he says we’re all living on the same planet, so we have to meet people, communicate and share. Silence and separation are a no-go for Aurélien. However, he isn’t quite satisfied with the direction he ended up with. People often reconsider their dec...[Read More]

“History is not about facts, but about people.” Talking with Zuzana from Slovakia

Name: Zuzana Age: 23 Hometown: Spišská Nová Ves Country: Slovakia Current country of residence/study: Slovakia EUSTORY experiences: Youth Academy Berlin 2007,  Alumni Seminar Minsk 2010 (Chernobyl), Alumni Workshop Berlin 2011 (Chernobyl), Alumni Workshop: Desire for Freedom Berlin 2013 Actual occupation/studies: European studies – final year (5th) Zuzana is one of those people you are just amazed by. First of all, when you are in company with her, you will certainly have a good laugh, mostly due to Zuzana’s witty comments and observations. Since intelligence is somehow a prerequisite of a good sense of humour it is obvious that Zuzana has that too. After taking part in four Eustory activities since 2007 she perceives and defines Eustory as “a way to express myself and share the opinions”....[Read More]

THE PRESENT PEOPLE OF THE PAST: Michał on the historical profession and the perception of yesteryear

Name: Michał Przeperski Age: 27 Hometown: Grudziądz/Gdynia/Warszawa Country: Poland EUSTORY experiences: EUSTORY Summer Academy Berlin 2005, EUSTORY Alumni Project Berlin-Hamburg “Remembering Protest, Resistance, Civil Disobedience” 2006-2007, EUSTORY Alumni Project Berlin “25 years after Chernobyl” 2010-2011 Actual occupation/studies: Historian and journalist Today’s world retains a complexity which is difficult to understand, one which is constituted by its past, by both its shadows and bright spots. Remembering those moments is thus essential to capture today and tomorrow. Catalysts of remembrance are those who make sure that the past is not an empty sheet, but try to present the facts of the past as a coherent story: historians. However, historians are so much more than simple keepers ...[Read More]

What no school book will ever teach you: Orest Franchuk, Ukraine

Name: Orest Franchuk Age: 19 Hometown: Kyiv Country: Ukraine EUSTORY experiences: Eustory Berlin Academy 2010, “25 Years After Chernobyl” 2011. Actual occupation/studies: Studying Law at National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla academy” Orest says he chose studying law because he has always been interested in the legal and political underpinning of the society. A constant challenge is what he prefers and the sphere of law seems to be a task that he can spend all of his life learning about. He enjoys doing research and he likes the kind of thinking it involves. He also always wanted to be involved in a field which has the possibility to make a difference. “If you’re not heartless at the end of it, you can really make a positive difference” he proclaims. It is very interesting that he connects la...[Read More]

’’Eustory gave me extra motivation for my further development in the future.”

Name: Vaya Ruseva Age: 23 Hometown: Pleven Country: Bulgaria EUSTORY experiences: Youth Academy in Switzerland 2008, Youth Academy in Bulgaria 2010 Actual occupation/studies: Studies Accounting and Finances at the University of World and European Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria Athough Vaya Ruseva does not travel very often and she says she lives in a state that does not accept diversity, she strongly belives that the concept of a united Europe must survive. “Honestly, I think that from an economic point of view, the EU is in crisis. But, on the other hand, I think that travels shows to young people that in fact we are not so different.” For her participation in the Bulgarian history competition she researched and wrote about her family history and it was then when she realized that history is ...[Read More]

Never giving up a good discussion about Europe: Roman from Belgium

Name: Roman Roobroeck Age: 19 Hometown: Ronse/Ghent Country: Belgium EUSTORY experiences: EUSTORY Summer Academy Berlin 2011, EUSTORY Debate Paris 2012 Roman is studying his second year of History at the University of Ghent. He plans to finish his master’s degree in history and afterwards he would like to continue studying by getting his PhD. Although as every realistic young person he is having a back-up plan to start working in an archive or in the public sector. He could also probably try to get involved in politics he said. In short: Roman plans for a bit of everything. “I would definitely love to visit Russia and Saint Petersburg pretty soon, since I’ve started studying Russian recently” he says. He always has been fascinated by that mysterious Russian spirit and Dostojevski and Tolst...[Read More]

“I have the feeling that certain borders and boundaries, that were torn down in history are being built again”, Tamara about feeling European in times of crisis and her idea of a united Europe

Name: Tamara Čakić Age: 22 Hometown: Maribor Country: Slovenia EUSTORY experiences: Berlin 2009, Minsk 2010, Internet seminar – Chernobyl 2010/11, Berlin 2011, Madrid 2011. Actual occupation/studies: 4th year of International Relations As most of the Eustory alumni, Tamara loves traveling and knowing different cultures and now she is living one of her dreams moving to Prague for one semester (Erasmus exchange). Actually, as she says, “One of the reasons that encouraged me to aim at studying abroad was Eustory and the experience of the different academies. It showed me that living and working in a foreign environment prevents you from becoming ‘lazy’ and ‘settled’ in the very well-known and cozy domestic environment – it challenges you in a very positive manner.  It makes you work and think...[Read More]

Building Bridges through Europe – Germán about his Erasmus year in Ghent, Eustory friendships, ‘los indignados’ and the current crisis in Europe

Name: Germán Jiménez Montes Age: 21 Hometown: Seville Country: Spain Eustory experience: Switzerland 2010, Hamburg, Berlin and Madrid 2011 Current Occupation: Erasmus Student of History at the University of Ghent Germán is living in Ghent today, 2025 km from Seville and he still sees connections and similarities. “Ghent reminds me of my hometown Sevilla, because it had an important role in European history and you can also appreciate walking through its streets in the same way”. It seems that the more you know about our history, the more you feel the interconnection with other Europeans. He chose Ghent because he didn’t want to finish his bachelor without seeing how it’s like in Flanders. Flanders is a really important area for the Spanish and Sevillian history. “In fact, I’m doing my bach...[Read More]

Dita: “Eustory made the borders disappear – now they are some lines on the map and nothing more.”

Name: Dita Bētere Age: 21 Hometown: Balvi Country: Latvia Eustory experience: Gdansk 2009, Minsk 2010, Berlin 2011 Current Occupation: studies German language and literature at the University of Latvia Dita comes from Latvia – a lovely Baltic state, a country in transition, hellbent on shedding its stalwart old-Soviet image, the Latvia of today is vibrant, enigmatic and for sure will become one of Europe’s next A-list star. Dita loves her country and recommends being there during the Midsummer celebration which takes part on June 23, when people stick to the original traditions of the pre-Christian festival, picking plants known for their healing powers and lighting bonfires to protect against evil spirits. What is amazing about Latvia is how did such a small country (Latvia ha...[Read More]

Bulgarian, European and above all Eustorian: Mariella on the coziness of Europe and the unfairness of history

Name:  Mariella Bogdanova Age: 18 Hometown: Gotse Delchev Country: Bulgaria EUSTORY experiences: EUSTORY Summer Academy Berlin 2011, EUSTORY General Assembly 2012 in Hamburg Actual occupation/studies: Senior student Math and Computer Sciences In the 21st century, a century marked by the process of globalization, new technology and daily international contact, it has become significantly harder to identify oneself with one specific place. Mariella Bodganova (18), a Bulgarian student with an abiding interest in writing, the French culture and all novels of Roald Dahl, notices this; the lines between different identities are clearly changing, perhaps even fading. Of course, this doesn’t mean that identities have been rendered obsolete. Definitely in present, with the thought of a united Europ...[Read More]

Europe in High-Resolution: Ondřej about the change of perspectives through travelling

Name: Ondřej Kolínský Age: 22 Hometown: Prague Country: Czech Republic EUSTORY experiences: Gdansk 2009, Minsk 2010 + Internet project on Chernobyl, Berlin 2011, Madrid 2011 Actual occupation/studies: MSc in Economics, Tilburg University Ondřej surely is one of those Eustorians who would surprise you with his ingenuity and feeling for life. However, his actions speak louder than his words. He proves that travelling changes perspectives. “My idea of Europe used to be much more homogenous”. After visiting other countries and after some vague contact with foreigners he didn’t see the differences between countries any clearer because lifestyle, music or fashion are very globalized. He points out that the imprints of national identity are only revealed in a discussion about serious issues, simi...[Read More]

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