Europe 14/14

What is WWI to us? – Impressions of a German student from a celebration ceremony in the German Parliament

Lotta Schneidemesser (27) was invited to attend a national hour of remembrance at the German Bundestag on the occasion of the outbreak of WWI one hundred years ago. The event provided insights not only into recent debates related to war

Remembering the First World War

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. For four days in May, four hundred young people from Europe and North Africa met in Berlin during the HistoryCampus to investigate the personal significance of

All of a sudden, the homeland was gone – the legacy of World War I for Slovenia

In connection with the HistoryCampus Europe 14/14 in Berlin, young Europeans from 40 different countries dealt with the legacy of the Great War for their countries and for themselves. Tamara Čakič from Slovenia wanted to dig deeper into the consequences of

HistoryCampus – last day of workshops

Day 3: On the last day of the HistoryCampus workshop "Your World War One Story", Adnan, one of the participants, was kind enough to bring some food for thought. As Ruben's face clearly reveals, the already high morale was boosted

HistoryCampus – workshop progress report

Day 2: Members of the HistoryCampus workshop "Thinking in Pictures" finished their storyboard (you see it on the table) and they are busy turning their storyboard into a script for the animated video. This group's video will be about the impact

HistoryCampus – first day of workshops

Day 1: On their first day, members of the workshop "Express yourself! Looking at war from a theatrical angle", were doing a few basic theatrical exercises. "They need to get a feeling for how to work as a group", says

A personal approach to the history of WWI

Fifteen young people from ten different countries enrolled in the workshop “Your World War One Story” during the HistoryCampus Europe 14/14 in Berlin which will start today, May 7th. Ineke Veldhuis Meester from the Netherlands is one of the workshop

Learning how to think in pictures

“Analysing history and putting historical events in the form of an animation is anything but easy but it is worth the effort”, says Anna Sieväla from Finland. Anna enrolled in the workshop “Thinking in Pictures – Visualising Conclusions of the

Approaching WWI by means of theatre

Can you approach the First World War by means of theatre? Yes, you can, say members of the German improvisational theatre group ‘hidden shakespeare’. They are offering a workshop during the HistoryCampus Europe 14/14 in Berlin in May called “Express

Bringing bricks to life!

If you could create a European monument, how would you go about it? You would have to be creative, of course. And you would have to pare down all your visions and ideas to ONE artistic concept – without losing