As an ideology stressing the importance of national borders, nationalism and nationalistic movements regularly throw Europe’s unity off balance. However, it is “banalities” like national elections, waving national flags at sports events, or the national ID in our wallets, which show: Nationalism (in)visibly shapes the everyday life of every European. Find out how our authors experience the national in their home countries.

Between propaganda and historical truth

You can tell that the 100th anniversary of World War One (WWI) is approaching by observing the growing number of recent publications on the topic or by following the numerous debates about the reasons for the outbreak, about responsibility and

Stereotypes in a historical context

In September 2013 young Europeans from 15 different countries met at the EUSTORY-Academy in Ronda, Spain, reflecting the construction and deconstruction of stereotypes.  During the First World War the battlefields were not the only place where the battles took place.

Shifting borders – changing lives

2014 marks the Centenary of the First World War, a war that changed Europe as it was and had huge consequences for millions of people. Once great and extensive multinational empires slowly shrank in the course of history and new nation states

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