The voices of Young Europeans

Additionally to the posts we are publishing here, we started a new forum where we give young Europeans a space to write about debates in their countries and to discuss current European issues. Check it out:

Rapping citizens

The alternative and artistic environment of our hostel in Metelkova inspired our participants to deal with the topic of minorities and borders in a different way…

You can leave your map on

Among many other interesting  – and before unexperienced – challenges, our participants also took the roles of geography/history lecturers, who presented shifts in the borders of their countries as well as the reasons, causes and the consequences created by changing the borders. Our national border experts contributed to our knowledge and awareness about the meaning and influence of state borders. We realised how third-party’s (usually the war-winners) decisions about the size and shape of the losing states can cause severe consequences for the people living in territories. Nationalities changed, homes were lost, families separated… Once great and extensive multinational empires slowly shrank in the course of history and new nation states were created. People living...[Read More]

What really happened … during the Paris Peace Conference

During the seminar ‘End of Empires’ in Slovenia, our participants discussed a lot about how decisions about border changes the division of territory and the founding of new national states often were made by other ‘greater’ powers. This is how they imagine the Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War I

ESA = Eustory Seminar Animates: Explaining complex topics

From the moment we conceptualized the Alumni Seminar in Ronda we were planning on having Animates explaining complex topics as a final result, similar to those, produced by the Royal Society of Art (London). The idea was to make a synthesis of all relevant information the participants gained during the seminar. It was an experiment, since we had never done anything like that. And even though the technical things are really important (drawing, recording images and audio, cutting) the other dimension is much more complex: Finding the topic you want to explain, developing a concept, gathering all information necessary, thinking of images to support the information, writing a text that is both, focussed but not too simplifying, matching it with the images to develop a storyboard… After a...[Read More]

51 years ago… A wall was built

And three years ago, the participants of the Eustory academy in Berlin dealt with the topic of the Berlin wall. They realized three movies around that topic. One fairy tale that tries to explain life in East and West of Berlin Once upon the time in East/West, the DIY video How to cross the boarder in less than one day or the silent movie The Monks, which is based on a true story.

Almost 18.000 visitors on our blog! All started two years ago…

About two years ago this blog started due to an initiative of two of our interns during our summer academy in Berlin in August 2010. Reason enough to show again the movies the participants created during that week, all dealing with the topic of repression in totalitarian systems, some with a more artiscal approach, others with a satirical one. Please watch here: Falling Shadows, Two Sides of One Story or Damaged Rolls. ENJOY and Thanks again to Madalina and Madeleine, our first bloggers!

Students on Tele Bruxelles

Watch here the documentation

Exile – A State of Mind?

We were together for a week in Madrid aiming to find out more about the phenomenon of “exile”, talking with many different people about their very different experiences with exile, differing in reasons or places to leave. We were comparing and discussing definitions from encyclopedias from different countries, trying to frame exile, to differ it from migration or asylum. We informed ourselves about legal terms, the conditions of asylum in Europe today, we were digging in European history to find events of exiles with common elements. But the more information we got, the more we struggled to find a common definition. And to be honest: We failed in that respect. But… We would like to share the things we actually found out. So read in our magazine “El Exilio” abo...[Read More]

Exile – an eternal story?

Hear this tale as old as time Another soul in exile Young man is standing by the shore He cannot take it anymore The days are looking all the same nothing can take away the pain If from the regime he does not flee He surely in prison shall be Without kids, without wife He has to start a new life What is the next step for him No other choice but to swim! Home of the brave, land of the free This is where he wants to be Lots of sweat awaits Many drops of tears it takes To settle at this sunny coast You need to convince the host On the shore there is a border Authority keeps law and order Within the cross salvation lies Red, the color implies. Begging for mercy, searching for aid In need of clothes and a full plate. It must be legal, it must be neat, Stamps in his forms he will need. For weeks...[Read More]