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Twenty Years After

20 Years After – represents a series of articles dedicated to the commemoration of the killings of thousands of civilians in the village of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 11th of July 1995. The series consists of contributions varying in formats from opinion pieces to media and narrative analysis and most importantly presenting situations and aspects of four different countries through the eyes of our authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, the Netherlands and a special view of an Austrian with Bosnian family roots.

Words Don’t Matter Anymore

Haris, an Austrian with Bosnian family-roots, shares his view on why remembering the past mistakes is crucial for ensuring a better future. However, observant the current conflicts and humanitarian crises and in spite of the grave war atrocities, humankind clearly still hasn’t learned its lesson.

Many shades of remembering

How does Serbia reflect on Srebrenica and its commemoration? What is the public attitude and how are the leading politicians using Srebrenica in their political calculations nowadays? After 20 years of no clear act of reconciliation it is though clear that Serbian as well as Bosnian political leaders need to reconsider their positions, attitudes and approaches.

We need to talk about Srebrenica

Crimes committed against civilians in numerous states during various conflicts demonstrate that once again humankind failed to learn from history and past mistakes. Therefore, we obviously need to be reminded of Srebrenica and its tragic lessons and a hope remains that we will slowly know better.