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Travelling Europe – and time: There and back again

All good things have to come to an end, and so does Anna’s trip. Only Seville is between her and her journey back: “I’ll arrive in Barcelona in the middle of the night. My plane to Helsinki leaves in the morning. These weeks have been a great experience but I do look forward to getting home tomorrow.”

Review: EXPO Milan – Feeding the Planet, indeed?

The EXPO in Milan wanted to offer solutions, how to feed the planet and have energy for life. Gregor Christiansmeyer visited the fair. Besides being impressed by architecture and atmosphere of the World Fair, he wonders whether it lived up to its own objectives.

DAY 4: Let’s sail to the future together: Simulation in the city of Sleepyville

We started our fourth day very positively, since we had some sweet and necessary sleep after spending the night before eating a huge amount of sweets coming from different European countries (it would be impolite not to try at least one from each country). Our group of 23 young people is still enjoying the work, the excursions, the Slovenian atmosphere and the opportunity of getting to know each others’ nationality better and better. During our first group work and the following presentations of heated and interesting discussions in smaller groups today, we realized that for each and every one of us, nationality means something very different. For some of us it isn’t very important, others think it is a predominant factor that is truly a great part of who they are. We connected these...[Read More]

Day 1 – Introducing the other

Before we started with the actual seminar, we had a Spanish breakfast and discovered some unknown jam – eggplant and tomato marmalade. Some of us thought it was strange to make marmalade of these, other who were braver even tried it. The surprising moment was when they actually tasted good. Strange but good. After breakfast we assembled for an introduction – we were introduced and the preliminaries of the schedule were set. Afterwards we had to pretend that the week was already over. We told everyone what we learnt during this week and how we liked it. Immediately after the introduction we started to work on our first project. The task was to find words that we link with stereotypes from A – Z. It was a nice way to start the seminar. After coming up with our solutions in a group we present...[Read More]

Day Zero- Arrivals, arrivals, arrivals

Lost luggage, lost people, early flights, late dinner, sun, wild animals and amazing landscape. Don’t let the title “Day Zero” fool you. Sunday, the arrival day, was definitely not lacking of action. The arrival of 18 people from 12 countries is not a simple puzzle to begin with. Add to the equator transporting from the airport of Malaga to the seminar place in Ronda first by train, then by bus and finally by car and you start to get the picture. The participants had been asked to take a photo of themselves when they left home to travel to Ronda. Tina, Andréa and Germán were waiting for us.    So, let’s make a use of them and tell the story of the arrival day through the photos! The first to arrive were Katya from Russia, Stephanie from Denmark and Anna from Finland. Due to the early fligh...[Read More]


I actually think that this is the first time, that I post from an EFKAGA (Event Formally Known As General Assembly). During the last years there have been many organisational changes within the EUSTORY network – from a project to an international association to an informal network – but what didn’t change during the whole time were the people working in these frameworks: engaged and committed Europeans who wants to activate young people to get involved: with their lives, civil society and the European ideas. I has been a very enriching network meeting so far, still one day more to go. Our Latvian colleagues are great hosts, not only providing the perfect working spaces and culinary experiences for us, but also arranging a meeting with the President of Latvia, exclusively ...[Read More]

Who let the cats out?

That’s what we wanted to trade for…

Speaking for myself: After the academy is before the academy…

Yesterday I’ve said good bye to the participants of the academy in Berlin 2012 and tomorrow I will already welcome 25 young Europeans to Tallinn. So I’m now on my journey with mixed feelings but want to say a big “Thank You” to the 25 participants in Berlin. Not only they worked hard and were always motivated to discuss, even during dinner and afterwards. They also were extremely nice and caring with each other – and ME! I can’t remember when I got the last time chocolate, a ‘Hasselhoff performance’ and a T-Shirt with many nice wishes. You’ve set the bar for the following academy quite high!

Success: more questions than answers…

The last day began with a goodbye as Nadia was the first participant to depart from the academy . We stood in the reception area to wish her goodbye and promise to meet again. Following breakfast we began our discussion on power in the 21st century, where Dr Claudia Schmucker talked to us about the G8, G20 and the IMF. She helped us to understand the importance for the smaller nations to be in a group such as those just mentioned. After this Andrea and Tina asked us to write down the first word that came to mind when thinking about power and a still opened question about the seminar. There was a variety of words and questions and even though we know more about People and Power than we did at the beginning of the week, we feel like this is just the beginning of our understanding and hope th...[Read More]

“I’ve been looking for…”: On the traces of the ruling powers in Germany

The 5th day morning was a bit different than others – besides of having a longtime night chats, nobody was tired but  excited. 25 artist (with their main composer: Leah and write:  Sofie) prepared a small surprise for our beloved Tina. In spite of fact that almost everybody has a sore throat (our Eustory illness was spread from Czech Republic and Slovakia to the rest of the group) we did our best to sing our song as loudly as possible. “Mrs Hosselhoff” (Tina) was impressed that she has so creative children “from across Europe (and Africa!)”. In a good mood we started our work, Todays topic was “peaceful risings and velvet revolutions”. The work time was opened by presentation prepared by Dr. Andrea Despot Then we started discussion based on examples of velvet revolutions ...[Read More]

Young Europeans dissatisfied with performance of Foreign Policy Makers!

An overwhelming majority of young Europeans feel uninformed about how decisions on EU foreign policy are made. The Europe & Me online magazine conducted a survey among more than 6,500 young Europeans to investigate their views on EU foreign policy. Representatives of the Young Europeans will make a difference at this year’s “Berliner Forum Außenpolitik” (Berlin Foreign Policy Forum), an influential gathering on European foreign policy organised by the Körber Foundation in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office which will take place in Berlin on November 29th.