Ida’s good bye

During the seminar in Ronda we had for the first time a participant, Ida from Denmark, who reported to you from behind the scene and I think that she managed to give you a good impression about what happens beside the work (during the sessions she was too occupied with work that she couldn’t cover them) and I’m extremely thankful for the big amount of extra work she put into that and I like watching them. Here is her post from the last day (The ‘Making Off’). To see all her other post, please look here.  

Day Zero in Ronda or There is a first time for everything

After 3 years of reporting about our activities on our blog, we decided this year to add a new format. We started with video statements of our participants during the EUSTORY seminar in Helsinki and take it now to another level here in Ronda: Ida, our participant from Denmark will report about the seminar in a v(ideo)log, starting with day zero, the arrival day. Idas V-log shows the seminar beside the working part from her personal perspective.