YA Berlin 2010

Almost 18.000 visitors on our blog! All started two years ago…

About two years ago this blog started due to an initiative of two of our interns during our summer academy in Berlin in August 2010. Reason enough to show again the movies the participants created during that week, all dealing with the topic of repression in totalitarian systems, some with a more artiscal approach, others with a satirical one. Please watch here: Falling Shadows, Two Sides of One Story or Damaged Rolls. ENJOY and Thanks again to Madalina and Madeleine, our first bloggers!

Our movies are online!

So here we go again: Our four movie productions from the Eustory Berlin Summer Academy- “Repression Has Many Faces”, “Falling Shadows”, “Two Sides Of One Story” and “Damaged Rolls” are now online and can be watched and downloaded from vimeo. com. These short movies have been produced during the academy’s media workshop and deal with the topic of repression in totalitarian systems. Just click on the link below and you will be forwarded to the account of wannseeFORUM and to the first movie. If you cannot see the movies right away, because there might be some new uploads from other workshops coming up in a few weeks, then just use the tag searching option. When entering “eustory” or “repression” the movies should be...[Read More]

Our meeting with Róża Thun

Thursday was both a busy and exciting day for us, participants at the Eustory Berlin Summer Academy. After two days of filming around the clock, cutting, editing and adding special effects, we could proudly present the final version of our short films to each other. The result was, without modesty, amazing and you will also be able to check out here our five productions very soon. In the afternoon we got more and more excited and restless, as our final interview from this academy, this time with the Polish EP Róża Thun was about to take place at the Eustory headquarters in Berlin. Mrs Thun was flying all the way from Brussels especially to meet our group and share with us her experience on totalitarian systems and the concept of freedom. In a conference room that was overlooking the Brande...[Read More]


It is quiet and empty  here at the wannseeFORUM. The Summer Academy has come to an end and everybody has left for his/her home country. Yesterday was such a great day for us! Not only the sun was shining, but we also had the final presentations, went to have dinner at a fancy restaurant and stayed awake through the night just to say goodbye to all the people leaving early for the airport. There is a more detailed blog entry about what we’ve done on our last day coming next week, as well as a brand new section with the movie productions. But for now, we are all tired and should get some sleep 😉 Thanks a lot to all of you who organized or participated in the Berlin Summer Academy! It was wonderful to have you here and hopefully the end of this History Workshop doesn’t mean that e...[Read More]

Working with media

Today we realized that it is already Wednesday, which means we only have two days of the Summer Academy left.”Unbelievable!” Especially, when considering that in some of our home countries school has started again today. But these are probably going to be the best days, since we get the chance to star in a movie 🙂 We started the day with the usual plenary session where we had some energizing games and went through the program. This turned out to be quite easy: Working on media productions the whole day!Secretly, every group started to shoot several movie scenes or prepared the discussion with Róża Thun. As professional bloggers, we tried to get some unreleased information and suceeded in taking some paparazzi pictures of rude policemen, fine ladies and business men. But we won&...[Read More]

Our Work

So many creative posters have been assembled, that they really should be shown  here as well. In the collage below you can see both presentations of the participants’ competition entries as well as posters which were designed for yesterday’s presentation.

Working at wannseeFORUM

After two days of field work in Berlin we needed one day to share our results with the other groups. Since we had worked hard on our posters the night before, we used the time in the morning for making the last preparations. During a two hour meeting all of us had the opportunity to capture the attention of the others by presenting the stories of their interviewees. Even in the lunch break the students were very busy with writing a summary for each interview. These are going to be reviewed and published on our blog as well. Later, the task was to think more abstractly and find out the mechanisms of repression both in the interviews and in our personal life, which some found quite difficult. But after this we began with the most interactive part of our seminar: the work with different media...[Read More]

Interviews and Sight-Seeing

If yesterday was tiresome, today it was going to be even more: We set off to Berlin around 8 a.m., with a another round of interviews and a city-tour on our agenda. After having a first go at bringing the past back with the help of questions, we felt more confident for our next session of interviews. Our partners for today’s conversations again had very interesting stories to tell and we were there to listen: Feri Kopán, a Geography and French teacher from Romania recounted his time as a young student under the communist regime. We met him at his office where he works for a foundation coordinating youth projects all over the world. For the Spanish interview, one of the teams was invited to the Spanish embassy in Berlin. Although the surroundings were quite formal and serious, talking...[Read More]

First interviews in Berlin

Looking out of the window this morning didn’t make us happy: it was raining cats and dogs, exactly on the day we were planning to make our first interviews in Berlin. Despite that we finished our questionnaires and were ready to go right after lunch. The interviews took place in different parts of the city, so that each group traveled on its own. While sitting in the train, people made last adjustments to their topic sheets and got more and more excited. The interviewee for the Romanian group was Miss Carmen-Francesca Banciu, author and creative writing coach, who has been living in Berlin for almost 20 years. She told us about her experiences as the daughter of a communist official in Romania’s 1980s. The group dealing with Spain under Franco’s regime met with Ignacio So...[Read More]

Travelling into the past

Saturday was reserved for introducing the participants to the topic of the academy. With the help of a “time machine” the students travelled to the Soviet Union, 1970s Poland, Nazi Germany and communist Romania. Each of the four groups shared their experience by performing a sketch about their destinations in the past. In the next two days they will have the opportunity to speak with people from the past that experienced totalitarian regimes in Poland, GDR, Spain and Romania. To prepare these interviews they had a workshop in the afternoon, where they learned more about oral history and how to ask the right questions when talking to an eye witness. After dinner, the groups gathered again with the purpose of thinking and formulating the questions they would wish to ask in their interviews. ...[Read More]

EUSTORY summer academy in Berlin has started!

Welcome to our blog of EUSTORY 2010 in Berlin. We will keep you updated on our workshops and share our experiences with you. EUSTORY Acadamies are international gatherings for young people who participated in EUSTORY history competitions and won an award for their work. Organized by Körber Foundation and in cooperation with wannseeFORUM, there is a summer academy every year. This time, 28 award winners from 15 countries came to Berlin to work on the topic „Damaged Souls – Youth and Repression in Socialistic Systems“. There will be different workshops and interviews with eye witnesses of totalitarian systems – but follow us and our activities on this blog and you will see! Today it was the day of arrival at wannseeFORUM which hosts the academy. All day long, students arrived after a l...[Read More]