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Curriculum 2016

1. History Camps


In autumn 2016, two international History Camps took place, one in the countries of the Visegrád Group, one in Georgia. Participants had the opportunity to meet and work with EUSTORY award winners from more than 25 European countries.





»Backpacking Visegrád with Pen and Camera « (22 September – 1 October 2016)

The History Camp “Backpacking Visegrád with Pen and Camera – Traces of Social Movements in Past and Present“ will lead you to the original sites of social movements in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland in the 20th century. You will be researching the role of media for these movements as well as learning about and debating the role of the media and their coverage of social movements today.

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»United or Divided in Diversity – National identities in Europe« (2 October – 8 October 2016)

The History Camp “United or Divided in Diversity – National Identity in Europe” will scrutinise how the fine line between national identity and nationalism is defined. Therefore, you will visit places typical for nation building and discuss the meaning of national identity in your home country, as well as in Georgia, where the History Camp takes place.

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2. Editors’ Program

Our Editors’ Group is responsible for developing the topical agenda, writing and editing texts for the History Campus, engaging fellow young Europeans in the process and initiating discussions on our platform.

Our passionate editors were looking for a yearlong support starting in 2016 and accepted three fellow Europeans with fresh ideas and a soft spot for editing.

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