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Podcasts – Young Europeans on commemorating Second World War

Oldrich Justa is interviewing the young Europeans Serafina Orekhova, Thomas Dirven, Agnija Vaska and Stefan Holzer in this podcast. Initially they discuss specific problems of commemorating Second World War in their home countries, Austria, Russia, Latvia and Belgium. Stefan Holzer reports e.g. from the difficulties of dealing with perpetrator’s children in Austria. Beside all those national specifications they all agree in the importance of researching the own family history.


Podcast – Fictional Motion Picture “Children of War”

In a fictional interview Hans Kühlborn (Jani Patrakka) presents the crew of the motion picture “Children of War”. The protagonist of the film is a teenager from Berlin in the time of Second World War, who desires to join the front, although he is sick. In this interview the director (Rafael Jiménez Montoya), the main protagonist (Marika Abazadze, Tomasz Korandy) and the PR-person (Ajda Vodlan) are giving insights in their personal relations to this topic and explain why everybody on this world shouldn’t miss to watch this movie.


Podcast – Refugee crisis 2015

In this fictional podcast Sissi Smith (Fotini Pateinari) is reporting from Brussels on the on-going debates about the refugees who are seeking shelter in Europe in these days. While interviewing a member of the conservative party (Rasa Goštautaitė), and a researcher (Haris Huremagić), the totally different ways of looking at these arriving refugees become visible. The question, if we have learned something from the refugee wave after World War II, accompanies the interview.


Podcast – Children of the War in Serbia

Andjela Bolta and Milena Tatlović both were Serbian children during the Yugoslav War in 1999. Due to their age gap, Andjela Bolta was six and Milena Tatlović twelve years old, and the distinct areas they lived in, they experienced the War quite differently. Ruth Allgäuer leads through their touching stories in this podcast, making visible both similarities and differences of their war experiences.