Call for Editors 2020

Call for Editors 2020
Editors at the EUSTORY Summit 2019 | ©Körber-Stiftung/David Ausserhofer

Do you want to be a part of the EUSTORY History Campus Blog?

The EUSTORY History Campus blog gives you and other young people from Europe and beyond a voice! It is a space to share personal stories and perspectives on history and identity in blog posts. Behind the scenes, the Editors’ Team supports Körber-Stiftung in running the platform. The group of Editors is looking for you to join the team in 2020!

As part of the Editors’ Team, you have the opportunity to

  • develop and contribute to the content agenda for 2020,
  • expand your writing skills and receive journalistic training (writing, editing,…),
  • work together with authors and edit their texts,
  • write and publish blog posts,
  • engage fellow young Europeans in the process and initiate discussions on our platform.

Are you curious, how a day in the life of an Editor can look like?

Take a look here.


Click here to learn more about last year’s Editors’ Workshop and watch the video to get insights into the work of an Editor.

Are you…

  • between 18-30?
  • fluent in spoken and written English and enjoy writing?
  • interested in the impact of the past on today’s Europe?
  • keen on making the young perspective heard?
  • curious to expand writing skills and journalistic techniques?
  • excited about working in an international team of young Europeans?

We offer you

  • a three day Kick-Off Workshop in Hamburg (6-9 February 2020),
  • individual coaching, support and input by a professional journalist,
  • experiences with wordpress,
  • unique insights into political and historical events and processes of various countries,
  • working with an international group of passionate and kind Editors.


Join us!


To apply please submit

  • a letter of motivation (if applicable, include your writing experience)

  • an English writing sample of about 250-500 words (if you do not yet have an English writing sample, please choose one of the writing tasks on the following page).

Send your application until 28 November 2019 to Fiona Fritz (


Writing Tasks

Do you already have an English writing sample? If you have not yet published or written a journalistic English text, do not worry! In this case, please pick one of the following two writing tasks. This piece will already count toward your preparation for the Summit workshop and should not take you longer than 1h max!

1) History2Go (local history)

What was the function of the building at the corner? Which role did the monument play in the past? How did the city look like 100 years ago? Combining an old photograph with a current image shows an astonishing contrast between the past and the present. Let’s take this history “to go”, move along the images and see how things change over time.

TASK: Look for a picture from a building/monument/street from your region/country from the past and today. Describe in 250-500 words, how this building/monument/street changed and which political/societal events influenced this change.
You can find example posts here.

2) Memory Suitcase (personal stories)

A Memory Suitcase is something that every one of us has: a real physical suitcase, an old shoe box or a precious memory in our minds. It contains objects, images and other items we collect in the course of our life and which we become attached to. Whatever happens, we carry these items with us. They become a symbol of who we are, of our very personal history: Our grandmother’s old chess board, our grandfather’s cookbook containing the recipe to our favourite meal in it, our mother’s childhood sweater, our grandfather’s diary, a baseball cap that reminds us of a particular time of our life,…

TASK: Fill your personal Memory Suitcase and write a short text (250-500 words): Which object has high sentimental value for you? What kind of object is it? When and how did you get it? Why is it important to you? How is this object connected to your personal life or your family’s history ?
You can find example posts here.