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Terms and Conditions

EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2018 (14-19 Nov. 2018 in Berlin)

General Remarks

It is very important that you carefully check in advance that you really will be able to take part in the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2018. The event might interfere with school or university schedules. Should you require assistance to obtain leave from school or university, you may ask the Summit Team (eustory[at] to issue a request to the principal of your school or university. Applicants who have not reached the age of 18 at the time of the Summit may only apply with the legal consent of a parent or legal guardian: The signed »Declaration of Consent for the Participation of Minors« must be submitted online during the application process.

Costs and Travel Arrangements

Participation in the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2018 is mostly free of charge. If you are selected and confirmed as a participant, the Summit Team will organise and cover the costs of your food and accommodation in Berlin and catering from 14-19 November 2018. If you are living in Germany, the organisers cannot cover your travel costs, although no-one will be excluded for financial reasons. Please arrange your journey to and from Berlin individually, taking low-fare train or coach tickets into account. If you are living in another European country, the Summit Team will contact you to arrange the details of your itinerary to and from Berlin together with you. The organisers will book and cover the costs of your travel between your nearest national airport/train station with a possible direct connection to Berlin and the Summit location only. Individual arrangements are possible to secure that all accepted participants will be able to attend the event.


If you require a visa for Germany, make sure to apply for it as soon as possible. The Körber Foundation will cover the cost for your visa. Please contact the Summit Team (eustory[at]

Accommodation and Catering

Participants will be accommodated in a youth hostel in gender-separated dormitories. They are usually sharing rooms with people of other nationalities. For the whole event, safety and security are top priorities. The Summit Team supervises the participants during the day and stays with the group at night. However, there are no security checks during the night.


The Körber Foundation will book and cover medical travel insurance for all non-German participants of the Summit. Additionally, we recommend all participants to take out insurances like liability protection, casualty insurance and theft liability waiver for their luggage individually.

No Legal Right to Participation

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to invite all applicants. Even after an invitation has been issued it may occur that a workshop has to be cancelled due to illness or a force majeure. Due to restrictions of the number of participants, it is not always possible to offer the workshop of first priority.

Withdrawal from Participation

Pedagogical projects like the EUSTORY Summit are expensive (honoraria, preparation, travel costs, lodging, meals etc.) and costs do arise even when a participant withdraws. Therefore, the following rule applies: after having received an invitation for the Summit, the invited candidate can decline within one week. In case the withdrawal is announced at a later stage, the organisers will try to find another participant. In case nobody can be found, the organisers reserve the right to charge a withdrawal fee (25 Euro per Summit day). This does, of course, not refer to cases of illness confirmed by a doctor’s certificate.

Rules and Regulations During the Summit

Due to reasons of liability and in respect of minors, smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited. For reasons of liability and responsibility on the part of the Summit Team, it will only be possible for minors to separate from the »main group« in smaller units of at least three people. Participants who disturb or boycott the programme, or disregard the instructions of the workshop team, may be excluded from the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2018. The participant may be charged with any extra costs.

Any more questions? Please check the FAQ section on the Summit Page!