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Workshops at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2018

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Oral History

4 Disturbing the Peace?

Meeting Individuals Who Made a Difference

Can a single person influence the course of history in times of international integration and globalisation? Personal histories of civic activism in the 20th and 21st century show that the individual still can make a difference. But they also raise the question to what extent it is justified or even necessary to break the rules or a would-be peace to stand up for your values and beliefs?

Take the chance to engage in intensive cross-generational encounters with civic activists from different European countries and historical contexts. You will be introduced to the methodology of oral history and will have the opportunity to prepare and conduct professional interviews with civic activists from various age groups. As individuals, they decided to challenge an existing situation at some point. Which lessons can we learn from their different experiences of self-assertion in European history? Where in your family, region or country can you find examples of people who raised their voices to bring about change? And what is it you want to improve today? All your experiences and debates will be collected and brought together in an immersive stage production.

If you want to challenge the common understanding of peace and like to question contemporary European history and its legacies for your personal engagement today: This is your workshop!

Image Credits: © Körber-Stiftung / David Ausserhofer

Workshop Leader: Frank Reiniger

Frank Reiniger is a German historian and pedagogue. He has been working in the field of historical-political youth education for 20 years and deals with general questions of the mediation of history. He attaches a special meaning to the so-called oral history. The conception, planning and implementation of international youth projects is another focus of his work.

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