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Workshops at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2018

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Journalistic Reporting

6 Write Your Own History

Finding Stories and Writing Grass-Root History

Do you sometimes have the impression that history only happens in big politics and that the experiences of people, families and regions are overlooked? In this workshop, you will become a historical detective, put your ear to the ground to find the stories and histories of Europeans and make their voices heard.

In this workshop you will get the chance to find out how historical events affected people from all over Europe and are still influencing the young generation of today. You will receive professional journalistic coaching in the journalistic skills of research techniques and in arranging and presenting your findings in a text or an audio format. By conducting interviews with interesting persons, you will gather information, learn about the relevant historical events and arrange them in a journalistic piece. The young Editors’ Team of the History Campus will be a part of this workshop, which will give you the opportunity to get “backstage” insights into the History Campus blog. The texts and audio formats produced in this workshop can be published on the History Campus blog.

Are you interested in journalistic work? Join this workshop if you want to acquire and expand your journalistic skill set, seek out the personal stories of young Europeans and give grass-roots history a voice.

Image Credits: © Körber-Stiftung / David Ausserhofer

Workshop Partner: History Campus, Clemens Schöll

History Campus is a platform for young Europeans run by the Körber Foundation. Young authors from all over Europe publish blog posts about current events, discuss the commemoration of historical anniversaries and share their personal approaches to history.

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