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Simulation Game

1 How to End a War?

(Re)negotiating the Paris Peace Treaties of 1918/19

The First World War ended 100 years ago. Yet, the Armistice of Compiègne, signed in November 1918, marked only the beginning of the following peace negotiations in Paris. The agreements shaped the 20th century and the continent as a whole. Imagine you had been one of the diplomats negotiating this peace: How would you have represented your countries’ national interests to end the war?

Dive into the role of a diplomat of one European country and become part of a simulated Paris Peace Conference. You will be assigned a country and learn about its interests and aims concerning the conditions for peace. In the negotiations, you as a diplomat will defend “your” country’s position on cession of territory, the setting of national borders, disarmament and war guilt. Thus, you can not only deepen your historical knowledge on the topic but also have the chance to write history anew: with the historical insights of what was about to come in the 20th century, what would you as a diplomat have done differently? Find out and re-negotiate the Paris Peace Treaties! To look ahead, we will discuss your visions for the European continent and shed light on your perspective on how to assure peace in Europe.

You want to understand the seminal catastrophe of the 20th century and learn practical things about debating and conducting negotiations, holding press conferences and interviews? Join this workshop!

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