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7 Peace of Westphalia 1648

Lessons from the Past for Today’s Peace Diplomacy

Why should we look at a conflict from the 17th century to solve some of today’s conflicts? Are there really parallels between the Thirty Years’ War and contemporary conflicts? Can we learn from history and if so, which lessons can we draw and where are the limits?

In this workshop you will deal with the Peace of Westphalia, which in 1648 ended the Thirty Years’ War in central Europe. We will use it as a specific historical experience but also as an analytical tool to understand and shed a new light on the roots of current conflicts and political rivalries. Can historical research on “Westphalia” provide a creative approach to resolve or at least to gain a better understanding of longstanding conflicts? Can you think of an event or conflict from your own background or experience, which shows similar historical roots or striking historical parallels? You will get the chance to meet experts and scholars who have been working on taking this new path and reinvent the Peace of Westphalia. Explorative learning is an open and dynamic methodology and the participants will have the chance to work with history off the beaten paths and with a clear perspective on the present.

If you want to be a part of this experimental approach to history and politics, reflect on and discuss how history can be a source of inspiration for the present, you should join this workshop.

Image Credits: © Körber-Stiftung / David Ausserhofer

Workshop Partner: “A ‘Westphalia’ for the Middle East?” (Project at the Körber Foundation)

“A ‘Westphalia’ for the Middle East?” is a joint initiative of the Forum on Geopolitics of the University of Cambridge and the Körber Foundation to open new, creative approaches for resolving conflict in the Middle East by looking at solutions that worked in the Peace of Westphalia.

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