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6 Crossing Borders

Challenging Europe’s Mental Divisions

The year 1989 is a symbol of falling walls and the removal of clear-cut divisions between East and West. In the aftermath, ideological borders disappeared and the hope for freedom grew. Now, 30 years later, we are again building walls and mental barriers between us.

Participants bring stories from their family, community, region or country, where they can see that old or new borders exist. We examine where people do not understand the other side. Together, we try to understand the roots of new political, social and internal frontiers while these stories that touch on the issues that divide us serve as the basis. Can we understand where prejudices and fears come from? How can we talk to each other about dividing issues? Do we have to pick a side? Do we have to draw lines?

The process of dealing with these questions turns into a video installation: Participants learn how to create a dramatic script and turn it into a film, they cut their own videos and add effects. In this multimedia installation, we map and embed videos, while crossing borders and genres.

Workshop Product
Video Installation

Workshop Moderators
Pavel Franzusov

Workshop Partner
Pavel Franzusov

Pavel Franzusov is a philosopher and filmmaker. In his artworks he combines methods of documentary with video-art to create expressive and meaningful pictures. As co-founder of the film production “schatzfilm” he realises filmprojects on social and political topics.

Image Credits: © Körber-Stiftung/David Ausserhofer