Workshops at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2019

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1 Euphoria and Disillusionment

Capturing the Past in Images

The revolutions of 1989/91 led to significant political and economic changes in many Central and Eastern European countries. These transitions changed people’s lives and offered promising opportunities for a bright and prosperous future. Since then, euphoria has quite often been replaced by disillusionment and has led to widespread feelings of nostalgia for pre-transition times.

In this workshop we use photography to capture the very personal and emotional costs of these political transitions. Starting points are the multitude of memories each participant’s family and region has to offer. The personal stories generate both optimism and disenchantment, but also prompt several questions: What kind of emotions did this period evoke? What did the families hope for and what did they fear? Which objects represent their dreams and now carry nostalgic memories?

Exploring Berlin with cameras, we collect pictures and photographs surrounding these stories. Berlin represents the transition in a unique way and is the location of many important landmarks of the German reunification. Combining personal stories with impressions from Berlin, the participants create multi-layered kaleidoscopes of images as an intersection between the past and the present.

In Focus
Central & Eastern Europe

Workshop Product
Photo Exhibition

Workshop Moderators
Isabel Sebeikat, Justus Peter

Image Credits: © Isabel Sebeikat, “Recalls”