Workshops at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2019

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S Visual Storytelling

Join the Summit Reporters’ Team

Special Activity

From skills to stories: 120 young Europeans from more than 20 countries coming together in Berlin – this is a recipe for gripping stories about intense encounters, surprising moments and exciting, personal family histories the participants bring with them from different parts of Europe.

The members of the Summit Reporters’ Team have the chance to demonstrate and improve their journalistic skills by sharing insights of the Summit on our blog: What happens behind the scenes, what is on the participants’ minds and which anecdote has the potential for becoming gripping news?

The bloggers experiment with new technologies and make use of multimedia features to pimp up their stories. Access to different presentation techniques encourages the participants to make use of their full creative potential: they can play with still and moving images, mix it with sound or text in order to tell a story in a nonlinear, interactive way.

The participants work closely together with the EUSTORY History Campus Editors’ Group as well as with different professionals who help to report straight from the Summit.

Image Credits: © Körber-Stiftung/David Ausserhofer