A(lumni)-Team in Ljubljana

Luckily I again have the support of EUSTORY alumni during the academy in Ljubljana: Tamara, who had her first EUSTORY experience in Berlin 2009, followed by many alumni activities in Minsk, Berlin, Madrid and Ronda; and Kristi, who was with EUSTORY in Berlin and 2010. I couldn’t have found a better team to support us here, Tamara with her background in International Relation with a special focus on minorities and Kristi, a student of visual communication. Apart from helping us with logistics and program preparation (like a customized simulation about minorities – coming on Thursday), they are also responsible for the reporting. Tamara will coordinate the blog (text and pictures, also with contributions of participants, if they are not too exhausted at the end of the day) and Kr...[Read More]

Day Zero in Ronda or There is a first time for everything

After 3 years of reporting about our activities on our blog, we decided this year to add a new format. We started with video statements of our participants during the EUSTORY seminar in Helsinki and take it now to another level here in Ronda: Ida, our participant from Denmark will report about the seminar in a v(ideo)log, starting with day zero, the arrival day. Idas V-log shows the seminar beside the working part from her personal perspective.