#callItaly: Constitutional referendum – shifting power and supporting a gang of mayors and regional presidents?

Voters in Italy will have to decide about a constitutional reform on December 4th. The referendum, strongly supported by Italian PM Renzi, results in heated debates, also in our #callItaly, where our young voters share their fears that it will shift powers away from the parliament or will weaken Italy’s position in the EU. 

#callGreece: Dignity for citizens and refugees?!

In the last months it has become quite silent on Greece media-wise. But is the less coverage also connected to the most urging issues in the last years – debt and refugees? We decided to activate our European network and #CallGreece to get some insights in the actual happenings.


Today we started with an exchange about constitutions. We worked in groups and we discussed the differences and similarities of our countries‘ constitutions. By exchanging and discussing we worked out key elements of our constitutions; elements that we could find in all constitutions, only with different priorities. With the help of Karsten, the Norwegian organiser and a historian, who gave a presentation about Norway we familiarized ourselves with the fascinating Norwegian history. For example it was a surprise to find out that Norway was given to Sweden as a gift after Napoleon wars. After lunch we went for a short walk in Oslo and got to know the city better. Starting in a part of Oslo which ist mostly populated by inhabitans with Somalian background, passing by a street festival with l...[Read More]