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Are we citizens of Europe?

I’m attending a seminar about European citizenship in Budapest at the end of the month and just filled out a questionnaire about that. So I’m asking you, do you feel like a citizen of Europe? And what does Europe mean for you?

Looking forward to your comments, Tina


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  1. In my opinion, it is necessary to have “European experiences” before having to the feeling of being a European. With my experience at the Eustory academy, I really felt European. It is important to meet other European people, discuss with them and get to know their cultures. Europe is full of different cultures and without getting in touch with them, you cant really imagine what Europe means. So, I feel really European and think of Europe the same moment as thinking of future. I am impressed of the versatile languages, cultures and costums.
    Another point is, that confessing being European means being tolerant. You dont diffenciate in nationalities but you create the feeling of belonging together and common strength. But this can also be a demarcation towards non-European countries. By confessing being European you have to take care of being tolerant and treat non – Europeans with respect.


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