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What If GIF

What if… European borders closed!

What if… European borders closed!

WhatifgifIf all the European borders closed would you react in this way, too? Last week Austria closed its borders, now ten more countries follow the lead. Is the European freedom of movement over? The dreams of travellers and opportunities for young people are in danger of ending after over thirty years of The Schengen Agreement.

So, what if all European Borders were closed again, and we all had to wait in queues with our passports to visit, live and love in our neighbouring countries? What would your first reaction look like and why? We asked people in Hamburg, Germany.

Working Abroad

Red scarf girl1Alumdena Imbernon, 29

“I am now living in England and this would complicate me travelling home.”




Love across borders! 

First DaneJimi Walldo, 32


“The EU is a peace project, and closing the borders would be a leap back in time. It would prevent any cooperation, the free movements and stop the love across the borders.”



 Christian in Mecca?

Polish guyRamin Pouria, 45
Originally from Poland, but now lives in Germany.

“I don’t worry about that, it wouldn’t touch me, we can even have visa’s in Europe again. Why should I have any worries on this issue, I am not a German but I do respect the culture and values. Everybody knows that here there is a nudist beach and that you can go to rock concerts but these migrants coming from Arabic countries do not want to respect our rules and culture. The German culture is what it is. Are you going to go to Saudi Arabia as a Christian to Mecca? You aren’t allowed to do that. The architect of Mecca was as a Christian not allowed to enter the city, he had to plan it from a hill close to the place.”



Male SpaniardMarc Veiga, 28

“I am living abroad and have the opportunity to work in another country, I want to continue living like this. If there are more limitations it’ll be difficult. If we close them, maybe at some point even Europeans won’t be able to travel within the EU.”



 Thumbs down

Three guysFelix Meese, 27, Ben S. 31, Karl B, 69
All from Germany

“We don’t like that. It is against the values of the European community such as: our freedom, liberalism, co-orperation and equal rights to everyone.”




Get me out of here!

Second Dane Javier Corvalin, 40 and son Benjamin, 10

Originally from Chile but now lives in Denmark

“Our family lives in Europe and on the American continent. If the borders closed, I would just want to know how I would get out of here. It would be an imprisonment.”




No whatifgif2Alexander and Claudia Bu, both 57


Claudia says: “SCHEIßE! Open borders are very important according to human rights and the unity of the European Union.
Alexander, “We shouldn’t close the internal borders because they mean the spirit of Europe. But, we should consider to close the outer borders to Europe.”



Our GIF-format is a new way to display information and reactions to the stories of the day. GIF’s have traditionally be seen as a gimmick and something funny. We thought we would try out “What If GIF’s” to show peoples reactions to the ever changing political landscape.

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