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Our Personal “Wind of Change”

In the course of the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit “change” was mostly discussed as political change. While conducting interviews with Summit participants from several countries, we found out that “change” has an individual meaning to each of them: From meeting new friends to accepting homosexual love or learning about and becoming active for the future of your country. Enjoy reading!

Infographic by the authors.

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born in 1995 and studies public history in Kassel, Germany. Loves to explore the nature in different countries and to discuss about history, but hates to describe himself.
My name is Miguel. I was born in 1999. I love reading, writting and most of all travelling and meeting new cultures. History Campus provides me of all of that... My other passion is fantasy and history novels.
Julia was born in 2001 and lives in the swiss countryside. She just finished high school and is now taking a gap year to gain work experience and do internships (if she is not trying to travel the world without any money).

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